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A core drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core. Core drills used for concrete are Diamond Core Drills and are water cooled.

  • 5/8” to 36” diameter core sizes drill depth.

  • Core Drilling FAQs

K&H Concrete Core Drilling


Core Drilling FAQs

Core Drilling

5/8” to 36” diameter core sizes drill depth.

Price per hole is based on the diameter of the hole and the drilling depth.

Types of drills: 
We have a variety of electric and hydraulic drills.

Amount of room: 
For drilling below grade in most circumstances, we need a trench 2 feet wide, 4 feet back from the face of the wall, and 6 inches below the bottom of the desired core location.

Cutting concrete is messy.  We will do our best to minimize this, but it is always easier to hang plastic than to clean up slurry over spray. We will need to run hoses and cords from our truck to the equipment.  Our operator will vacuum up his slurry when they are finished.

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